Time To Move Forward. It’s Time To #makeabetterplace

Posted by Nikhar Singhal
January 7, 2017

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Another horrific incident took place in bangalore. A women was molested by two shameless people on the new year eve. she was ruthlessly groped and was thrown to the ground with not a single helping hand to come and fight those two monsters in a country of 1.3 billion population. she had to single handedly fight those two men.

To this once again there will be public outrage to the incident, once again social media will be flooded with posts of anger, irritation and revolt, once again politician will make shitty comments about women and their clothes, once again our whole nation will mourn deep down in their heart and once again this incident will ignite the minds of our government, pleading to save women from such molestation.

but what we really want now is our government to learn and take stringent action againt such cases so that no more women is harassed in the public,no more women has to walk with her head down and her hand adjusting her clothes so that not even the slightest part of their body can evoke the hungry lions of our country,  and no more women is ashamed of being  indian . this incident should not curb like the every last one in the selfish political warfare of our country and should trigger each and every mind of this country, because next victim can be anyone.

I just want this society to be safe for every women and where every women is proud to be an indian.  it’s not a big dream, not something we cannot achieve. It’s time we stop using #notallmen and #yesallwomen and start the change with #makeabetterplace.


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