Breaking Taboos Around Divorce, A Daughter Asks Her Parents To End Their Unhappy Marriage

Posted by Sris Chokroborty in Taboos, Video
January 21, 2017

Delhi Poetry Slam has released a new video on their YouTube channel. This time the matter of divorce in India has been raised. Saumya Choudhury, a young poet uses her words to powerfully make a statement. Using her own life situation, she talks about her parents who are in an unhappy marriage yet cannot consider divorce because of the taboos surrounding it.

“I understand the words ‘I’d leave you,
had it not been for the children.’
is gluing the roof of our misfortunes together,” says Saumya pointing out one of the many reasons why unhappy couples stay together. For the sake of children.

But what impact does it leave on the children of such parents who have to go through seeing their parents live in misery while fighting with each other all the time?

She boldly says that “Saat phere around Holy fire
is not a warranty certificate of love,
making a baby is not an investment bond
to spend your lives together.”

This bold poem ends with her asking her parents to move on, to find new books, new lovers, and maybe new homes.