Tobacco Or Life: The Choice Is Yours

January 31, 2017

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Life is a mixed bag of hardships and joys . Sometimes life is as beautiful as roses and sometimes it is challenging like thorns. This is life and it is the greatest gift of God. Then why do we plan to spoil this joyful period? Doing this with the help of a death drug called tobacco, it really is foolishness! Our body is a temple, we should not degrade it by taking in tobacco rather we should make it more healthy. Tobacco is a herb which was originally grown in almost all the countries. It was grown originally to cure diseases like cold and drowsiness but has become an addiction which is fatal to a very large extent.

People smoke to flaunt; to impress others people and then it becomes a habit . Brooke Shields rightly said, “smoking kills, if you are really killed, you have lost every important part of your life.” Today tobacco is available in many forms like hukkah , cigar, cigarette. Chewing tobacco as gutka is very injurious to fine fettle . Chewing spoils surroundings as people spit as if blood is spreading. God has gifted us life to make this world a beautiful place to live in! not to make this universe a death bed.

Tobacco opposes this diktat – “risking is the spice of life – be daring!” Tobacco causes great harm not only to individual but also to society. Active smokers not only play with their own physical condition but also degrade the health of their fellow mates through passive smoking. It is believed that passive smokers suffer as much as active smokers. Moreover, people smoking in their houses cause a great disservice to their offspring and their family members.

The Supreme Court of India  has prohibited smoking at public places, in offices, in public transport and the like but still the menace goes on. Smoking puts a bad impression on our upcoming generations. Children learn what they see. They learn from their fathers and their company. After all “a man is known by the company he keeps”. They more or less get addicted to this and lose their concentration power, every child knows that tobacco contains nicotine which is highly poisonous which makes tobacco a toxic drug.

Tobacco gives a kind of momentary hilarity to the takers. People believe that tobacco reduces tension and stress of their life but actually it is the contrary and causes depressive convulsions. This is the main reason teenagers smoke during their exam days, furthermore, tobacco not only kills a person but also drains off their savings. People spend a large amount  of  money on tobacco and other drugs and forget the responsibility on their shoulders. Their children and families die of hunger but still they are not prepared to come out of this addiction.

A recent report shows that government of India earns₹6,000 crores from tobacco while it spends at least₹2,70,000 crores on tobacco related diseases. Everyday day 1,200 persons die of  tobacco related diseases like heart and lung diseases, cancer, asthma and much more. Today, smoking is spreading as an epidemic among women. Women have started smoking which degrades their health and they face problems during their pregnancy. To leave this addiction is not an easy job some pregnant women, who smoke, cause damage to their unborn child. The foetus of a pregnant woman is very delicate. It needs nutritious food and care for its development . Pregnant women who smoke take in carbon monoxide, a gas which when inhaled can severally reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It does so by combining the blood pigment haemoglobin and preventing it from carrying as it was supposed to.

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