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Posted by Parth Sarthi Nigam
January 25, 2017

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After taking the oath finally Trump has started working in his own style. He favours Americans to buy their own products and to create jobs for themselves only. It is happening in the country which has always supported free trade. Let’s talk about the visions of Indian prime minister and president Trump. They both want their domestic economy to be strong. Where PM Modi has started the programme “Make in India” to enhance the investment in the country, Trump has also started working on the policy of “AMERICA FIRST”.

The question comes “will Trump’s policy affect the American investment in India? And how different is Trump’s policy than Modi’s Make in India?

Modi’s policy indicates towards the better congenial atmosphere for trades in the country. He talks about development to all. He does not want to go against those Indian companies, invest in foreign. At the other side Trump’s slogan America first says- ‘BUY AMERICAN, HIRE AMERICAN’. It shows that America has a great unemployement. Trump wants to show that Obama has not done anything to improve the domestic economy of America.

Indian companies like WIPRO, TCS, INFOSYS etc. have not only created jobs for Indians in America but also gave the opportunities to the Americans as well and if the regulations of H1B visa becomes grim, the impact will be highly negative. There are many American companies investing in India especially in defence sector through Make in India programme. Now it all depends on the new American president’s policy whether they keep investing in India or not.

The recent back out of Trump in “Trans-Pacific Partnership” can be seen which was led by former president Obama.

Well, Trump is a businessman and many of his projects are running in India in real estate sector. Recently he had a word with PM Modi through a phone call and they both eagerly showed their will to work together. We can only wait and watch, how Trump’s policies will cultivate the relations between India and America.

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