Types and reasons: Why not to marry an Indian woman?

Posted by charvi
January 1, 2017

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This article is not for everyone but for special Indian breed, and if you are not one of those, this must not offend you.

Indian marriage is relationship between two equal souls. Wait, did i say EQUAL? I’ll correct, not-so-equal souls!

Yes, you read it right. I am here to tell you reason and types of Indian girls you should not marry even if you are an Indian man. A girl needs to have so many qualities to get accepted by a boy and his family, are so many enough? No i guess not so many but all the qualities of a perfect Indian girl. Like a girl with no mouth so that she couldn’t raise voice, enough money to give dowry in order to buy groom and many more. So girls..start your preparation after all they’ve got so many options- “girls are in queue for you my son”  that’s what your elders tell you guys, right? So here are types of girls who should not be in that so called queueof girls to marry you.

Broken Hymen

” IF YOU ARE A NON-VIRGIN GIRL, I WILL NOT MARRY YOU. I CAN NOT ACCEPT A LEFTOVER    Okay I do not understand this- they want their girlfriends to satisfy their physical needs but wife must be virgin. How is this going to happen? May be girls should get divided into two categories- one with whom guys can be in relationship and have sex, another will be virgins to whom they could marry. This is not possible practically, so what to do so that men can have sex before marriage but girls must remain non-virgin? Peirce your wall boy!

Who CAN NOT cook

THE WAY TO AN INDIAN MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH. ON the other side, woman is happy even when she is fasting for his husband (karwachauth). It does not start from wedding day or day after, it started long before when girl’s parents make her cook food (specially mother) using such sentences – “learn to cook, who’ll marry you if you won’t?”  OR ” i am tolerating your laziness your mother in law will send you back to me if you will not work”  I agree! So boys, do not marry girl who can’t cook- WHO WILL BE MAID IN THE HOUSE? And what astonishes me is- that girl has been learning all house hold stuff for her husband (as our elders say) whom she didn’t even know when she started cooking.  

Says NO to dowry



Who’ll pay for his further studies in abroad? After all he is hardworking for his future wife only. So what if he himself is not capable enough? So what if he does not allow his wife to earn and contribute financially? No need of all this. He is a man! Human with diamonds all over, girl’s family has to give dowry. A feminist once said – ” Any girl should not be sold in the name of dowry”. A GIRL IS NOT BEING SOLD. A father is giving his daughter and his cash or other valuable things to his son-in-law, then how is girl being sold? Instead, boy is being payed for marrying a girl. When you were a kid, your father payed your babysitter to take your responsibility and now when you are young, he is doing same to your in-laws. Poor in-laws and groom, got no other way to earn a living. And when they’ve got no problem in begging in name of dowry, what can we do? Yes we can have some mercy for sure!

Who’s parallel lines does not meet

Be his girlfriend when he wants and his mother when he needs. Both of them are in relationship as husband and wife not mother and son, she will become mother of HER children not of her mother in law’s son. Some of you may be thinking, there is nothing bad in taking care of her husband. But can a man give his wife all the love, respect and care his father used to give? Will he let her rest all 5-7 days of her cycle? Will he forgive all the mistakes? But, wife has to be photocopy of mother-in-law. No man should ever marry a girl who is not finding his socks, polishing his shoes, taking care of what HE wants to eat (like a mother) and has other things like her career or her OWN CHILDREN to focus on.

Who loves her family

Can i go to my parent’s home for a stay? I am sure you heard your mother taking permission like this, right? A woman has totake permission from her husband to visit her house and parents,WOW! His house is yours ( not when it comes to rights and equality but when it comes to work like it’s your house), his relatives are your relatives, his parents are your parents (though they don’t act like ) and your parents are? Almost strangers after 25 years of marriage? Because he wants you to take care of his family. Guys, you don’t need to marry girl who can not forget her parents.Who will cook? Who will take care of in laws? So no girl should take care of her family no girl should love them and help them emotionally or financially. She has got her real family (in laws) to serve for.


Marriages in india

Indian marriages welcome girls with so many protocols – like having kids, settling with WHOLE family ‘his family’ i mean (no matter how different opinions they have ), changing identity completely, following dress code of family and occasions, not daring to call husband by his name and many more. And if she does not accept any of it she hears “This is what your parents taught you”  Girl can not choose, can not have her opinion , can not decide what she has to but only what SHE SHOULD. And if you find such girls , tell her she is not marriage material. You and your family decides in advance what is marriage material and what not, right?

Who is financially challenging

DO NOT MARRY AN AMBITIOUS WOMAN BECAUSE WORKING WIFE IS SUCH A THREAT FOR IN-LAWS’ REPUTATION.Right? People will think isn’t man capable enough to feed his family. Some hypocrite men love to boast about how modern, educated, rich and career oriented wife they have but their Male ego can not handle wife doing better than him. And in worse cases, they don’t let her work. After studying 22 years, lots of struggle in searching job, and in some cases after convincing parents, you started your job and after reaching at position where you think your career is going good your marriage is fixed and puts an end to your career. Reason could be any- you have to shift in new city (at husband’s place), your husband does not let you work. And if you are lucky enough, your husband will “allow” you to work after all YOU NEED HIS PERMISSION TO WORK. Thank him!

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