Un (wanted)!

Posted by Dhwani Koladia
January 20, 2017

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“An unwanted part of the society. The pollutants of our culture. A black spot on the hu(wo)man race.” This is what I get to hear each time I ask anyone about their views on the sex workers, often termed as sluts or whores. While a ‘call girl’ seems the better one of all the names though they are counted the worse. While there are some people who are too ashamed to talk about them in public. But it’s not their fault either. Because they are always taught that the prostitutes are those dirty skin traders who trade their bodies in exchange of a few bucks. Those people who enjoy their one night stands at those small dirty rooms of a brothel, are the one’s who are too ashamed to accept them as a part of the society. Well, it’s our needs or shall I say desperate cravings that gives birth to their profession. Because without the DEMAND, their’s no SUPPLY. And the PIMPS are those who market these products and gets them clients. But my dear friend, they too are the part of our society. And no one becomes a prostitute by their own choice. Some are forced to become one at a tender age, while some are duressed to enter this dark world. We often refer them as filthy blood, but we are unable to see that in order to fulfill those needs they are exposed to so many risks and life threatening diseases.
They are just doing their job, because they too have got stomachs to feed. And the thing that disgusts me the most is that, when they try to come out of this darkness, we push them so hard that they fall in that pit again and this time, too injured to dare again to come out of this filth for the next time.
We don’t want them in our society and we can’t help them move on either. We blame them for flesh trade, but we ignore those wolfs who come in the dark nights to prey on their bodies.
Durga puja is one the most pious festivals celebrated in our country. And do we know that the idol of Maa Durga is made up of that soil which we count as impure?! Yes, the soil collected from the doors of those houses where these sex workers reside is used to make the holy and pious idol. And the priests have to beg them for a handful of it. Because it is said that when a person enters this world of sin, he/she leaves his/her virtues out at the door. And then they dump their impurities in these white slaves and leave a black mark on their morality, forever.
We blame those innocent kids born to these sex slaves and snub them from the society. We don’t allow them to have a better future and ban them from schools and public places eventually forcing them to enter this dark world.
But in all, I would like to thank them, because they are the only one’s who satisfy the cravings of those monsters so that they don’t force themselves on other innocent lasses.
They too are a part of our society and we should accept them.

अंत मे जब सिर्फ शरीर और इज्जत बचती हैना,
तब शरीर को खोने की हिम्मत नही होती।
इसलिए अपने शरीर की बोली लगाकर
अपनी इज्जत को नीलाम कर देते है।

  • – Dhwani Koladia.

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