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Undefeated – Soldiers Of Courage

Posted by Harsh Vardhan Singh
January 23, 2017

The concept behind this Web Series is that we want to bring out the life that a soldier and their families live. What makes them stand out and what gives them the courage to keep living even after whatever they go through during their service for the country and how they (soldiers) who join the armed forces at a very young age grow and imbibe certain principle’s in life.

With this series, we don’t want to glamourize a soldier’s life but we want to bring out that they are also some very common people who groom themselves to be able to make some very bold decision in the hour of need.

An ambitious Series by Paper Weight Entertainment to bring to people’s notice why and what empowers a soldier to leave his loved one’s and go ahead to perform his duty towards the country.

Hope this would give you an idea as to why we are making this series. The 1st episode on Col. DPK Pillay’s life releases this Republic Day.

We have in store stories of Winning hearts in North-East, UN Peacekeeping Force Commander, ex-Navy Chief, 1971 War POW, a War Widow and a War injured soldier. Our motive is to inspire the nation with a reservoir of untold stories.