Posted by Rajesh Bhat
January 6, 2017

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Looking at news reports about the recent mass molestation incident in Bangalore and certain arguments that have come up after the incident is unacceptable and insensitive.

A few social media posts that I came across were blaming people who were from other states and said that they were the perpetrators in the mass molestation. These were narrow-minded accusations, the mentality of men who commit such acts are the same, whether it is south India or north India, for whom women is just an object. Be it Brigade Road or Kadalekayi Pareshe (the Basavanagudi Bull Temple festival), for them, it’s the same. Bangalore is the fourth most unsafe city in India. There have been several incidents where the perpetrators of the crime and the victim, both belong to the same region, town, home, college or office

The honour of a country or state depends much more on how it removes its faults than boasting about its qualities.

There were also a few posts that blamed women for what happened. Those who were saying such things, I feel belong to the same group who commit such acts and are in support of their acts indirectly. Time, place and the kind of dress is irrelevant for these people. Whether it’s day or night, rapes have happened. From temples to schools to offices, women have been harassed in all these places. Wearing a saree, a pair of shorts, a school uniform or a burqa, all of these attires do not matter.

These both ideas have always misled us from the root of the problem. The main root for the increase in crime rate lies in the portrayal of women as an object in televisions, websites and mass media.Psycologists all around the world have accepted this truth.In the name of individual freedom ,If we still support this obscene to stay ,then we men may stay not our mothers ,sisters and loved one.

Patriarchal or feminists approach have never solved the problem of crimes on women.Its the time ,We Men and women should go hand in hand to build society ,to build a better civilization. Education, spreading the same message is need of the hour in schools and colleges.The call for powerful stringent laws, fasttrack courts should be put forward everywhere.
And finally ,We need to take inspiration from the powerful movement which broke out in India in recent past ,known as ‘Nirbhaya movement ‘.Men and women came to streets for a cause , for justice ,they took lathicharges, they took water Cannons , bullets , Cold winter and they proved the world that India always Resists injustice. India need to stand for another movement of the kind soon.!

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