How A Teen Innovation Competition Made Me Think Differently

Posted by Deepthika Saravanan in Education
January 14, 2017

Most fourteen-year-olds sit in class, listening to teachers, wondering when the bell will ring. I, on the other hand, got a chance to experience a new life by participating in the Teenovators competition organized by Manipal University. I’ve never had as wonderful an opportunity as this one.

The VeCro Team

Our project was made to help the backbone of our country – agriculture. We eat because of the farmers. We eat IN PEACE because of the soldiers. My aspiration is to join the Indian Air Force as a scientist. Of course, our military force needs research in the field of science too. Working on this project helped me realize the various ways I was being connected to achieving my dream. Teamwork helped me understand seeing things from a different perspective, which actually improves leadership qualities, and also improved my level of creativity. My team members were from different classes – so I made a lot of new friends, as well.

Research was done by meeting several farmers, and by talking to them as fellow human beings to understand their problems. The project also involved me taking care of plants. I understood that just observing these motionless, little, living seedlings was a great way to relax in my free time. After all, we may not meet our friends everywhere we go. But there will be plants, trees or bushes in every single corner of the world.

Some of my teachers advised me that if I miss too many classes I would not be able to perform well in my final exams, which are now fast approaching. However, support from my team and my parents helped me to balance both. Working on the project also helped me understand India’s economic development, and I’m sure it will help me write my social-science exams better!

Now, having entered the final stage, I feel that had I been an ‘ordinary’ student, I would not have been able to get a chance of visiting Manipal University. When I grow up and then, look back at my life, I’ll not remember the hour-long classes (that I attended). It’s the things which I find memorable – such as this experience – that will come first into my mind when I think about my past.

We are becoming so busy finding new ways of earning money that soon, we won’t have time to enjoy the things that matter. Life teaches us not to dwell on the past, but to live in the present. So, as of now, I just can’t wait to get to the finals…