Vegetable Vendor To A Professional Trainer

Posted by amtboruah
January 21, 2017

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Mr Jitendra Kushwaha is an author, a motivational speaker, a mind power expertise, a psychotherapist, and an entrepreneur, and all in all he is a sough-after Life Coach.Lots of people have benefitted from him. Mr Kushwaha is the founder of IBM International(Ignite Brilliance Mastery).


He got birth in a poor family in a village named Rangajan Gaon, Tinsukia, Assam. His father was so poor a farmer and mother was a house wife. Because of family situation, Mr Kushwaha was a vegetable vendor, who would sell vegetable by riding bicycle going into various places and also sitting by roadsides here and there, surprisingly enough he had been doing that since class seven, age 12 years till his Higher Secondary Education. Somehow he completed his B.Com by confronting many a heart attacking obstacles. He saw the very bottom level of poverty and it was a mountain for him that he had to walk up. Later on, he worked himself very hard and continued his three-year study to learn English at The British Institutes, and he became a faculty there.


As days passed he kept developing himself by studying of some prominent persons’ lives those who are at the peak of success on the globe. He attained different kinds of Mind Power Workshops, Motivational Programs, NLP Workshops and Seminars across the nation.


However, his continuous seeking of solutions for the cause of grief in any dimensions of life made him felt the power unleashed within him.


It took him years of observation and study of Thought, Belief, Emotions, Feelings, and the Unseen world. And ultimately, when he found himself the power that unleashing within him, discovered the hidden secrets of human beings. Thereafter he created a platform Ignite Brilliance Mastery International (IBM International) where he is training, coaching, educating people from different sects and classes across the globe. Within a short period of time he turned poverty into riches, poor psychology into extra-ordinary psychology, and weaknesses into strength.


He started to build his life from scratch to where he is now. He has found in his research every human being exits in the world is a unique genius. 

His dynamic message is “It’s time to AWAKEN YOUR GENIUS WITHIN.” 


Now he has taken his own committed and determined action to make people realize their true potential that they have to translate their dreams into a reality. His some books are on the way.


He loves motivating, educating, guiding and leading people. His INTENTION is to bring joy to you and bevautify the world.

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