Watch 6 Simple Videos To Understand Budget 2017

Posted by AccInitiative in Business and Economy
January 31, 2017

Digging through budgets for stories is a complicated task. Budget documents, meant for public accountability, are usually jargon-heavy and cryptic. The changes expected in this year’s budget formats, such as the merger of plan and non-plan budgets, are likely to complicate matters further.

Accountability Initiative has been working with government budgets for many years. We annually publish our BudgetBrief series which uses publicly available data, including previous budgets, to present an overview of the performance of selected social sector schemes, especially with regard to expenditures.

Through a series of six short learning videos, you can learn about what budget numbers tell us about government priorities.

Here is the first part of these videos on Budget 2017. The rest of the five can be found here.