We Are All Partners In Crime Against Women

Posted by issacthomas3
January 9, 2017

When you open a newspaper these days, you see news of rapes, female foeticide, molestation, eve teasing, acid attacks on women, domestic violence on women, women being beaten for dowry etc. These have become common incidents which happen quite regularly. Now, reading all this doesn’t seem to evoke any harsh feelings in our heart. We don’t bother, we have accepted this as reality and have compromised with our future. We think such things are bound to happen. What’s the big deal? This mentality is harming our society and it has harmed it to a great extent.

Every time we neglect such cruel incidents happening around us, we are actually supporting them. We are silently nodding our heads to this brutality. We are encouraging those mentally sick people who see and treat women as mere objects. What should be done is people should break their silence. Recently, after the Bangalore molestation case that happened on New Year’s eve, people are coming out in large numbers protesting against sexual violence against women.

That’s a good sign.

People say tough laws should be made and criminals like rapists should be punished heavily. There should be strict punishments and procedure of judiciary should be made faster and simpler. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. Making tough laws is simple, but to amend it and make people follow it is where the real test lies.

In my opinion, rather than making tough laws, we should make our women tough and strong to face their problems. Our education system should free up some space for self-defense and martial arts training for young girls.

Secondly, I feel mothers and elders should teach their sons to respect women. They should be taught that women are not just mere objects, but human beings like you and me. Such moral values should be infused into them from a very young age.

Dowry system should be abolished because it is the biggest reason that contributes to female foeticide. Girls are considered a curse to a family. Simply because to marry a daughter off to groom from a respected family, huge sum of dowry has to be paid by her father. It creates financial problems in a family. People should understand “Girls are not a curse, but its a dowry system that is a curse on the society “.

Girls should be given freedom,
Freedom like we boys enjoy,
Freedom that they deserve,
Freedom to fulfill their own dreams,
Give them a chance to be selfish,
A chance to make their own life,
live their own life on their,
own terms and conditions….

Let’s make this world a better place for women. It is our responsibility. Together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live in.