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January 4, 2017

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Today I noticed very shocking fact when my Dad bought a new mosquito repellent liquid + it’s vaporizer machine. The whole Box having 1 Vaporizer and 1 Refill (Repellent Liquid)

Has MRP INR 72 whereas the MRP on Refill in the same box was INR 69, So I found it amazing that the vapouriser cost only INR 3.

I find it really amazing that how could the company( really awesome company, must be having world’s best mechanical engineers) Make this vaporizer machine in just 3.

Then I opened the machine and separated its all individual parts, it consists of 5 complex designed plastic parts which must be injection moulded, and an electronic PCB containing a LED, slider switch, resistor and diodes and some wires of copper… So I am not able to understand how could they manage to produce it at such a low cost even if they go for Mass production.

Then I think that maybe the Refill (repellent liquid) must be costing very less to the company and they are compensating the big margin of the Refill (repellent liquid) into the vapouriser machine. So I find out the chemical composition present in the repellent liquid As follows——-

Transfluthrin -0.88%W/W

Butylated Hydroxytoluene -1.00%W/W

Perfume -1.0%W/W

Deodorised Kerosene -97.12%W/W


Now you also may understand that they are selling kerosene oil by intentionally deodorizing it so that people cannot get the very common smell and identify it, and just adding small amount of transfluthrin( is an effective insecticide recommended for the control of adult mosquito’s in the household…..as mentioned in the leaflet provided in the box of good night advance). But for a reality check these links.

Transfluthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, available in the market as 0.88% w/w liquid vaporiser. It is a repellent insecticide, generally used for the control of mosquitoes in the household. It is also the primary insecticide in certain products for killing wasps and hornets, including their nests. Pyrethroids are 2250 times more toxic to insects than mammals because insects have increased sodium channel sensitivity, smaller body size, and lower body temperature. In humans, their ingestion gives rise to burning facial sensation, itchy face sensation, tingling face sensation, paresthesia, skin irritation, mucosal irritation, respiratory tract irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, epigastric pain, vomiting, anorexia, fatigue, muscle twitching, salivation, running nose, and convulsions. (http://medind.nic.in/iad/t15/i1/…)

Transfluthrin Poisoning Resulting in Intra Vascular Haemolysis and Methemoglobinemia in G6PD Deficiency-Treatment Challenge

Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer Poisoning may be these links are incorrect.

I don’t have any complaint to the company, but I just wrote what I think.

So now I decided to use this low-cost machine and utilize it to the fullest extent and reuse it instead of throwing it. Turn best out of waste.

I know that these vaporizers just contains a heating source which provides heat to the rod of liquid which then vaporizes the liquid is taken up through capillary action.

Here comes an innovative idea that why not to use it to make an Incense Cones (In Hindi Dhoop Batti) Fragrance (a device that produces fragrance in the room or any space).

I just put the Incense Cones inside the heating element of the Vaporizer and plugged it in power supply board and again shocked that it keep on releasing a pleasant fragrance in my room for about 25 hours, whereas directly burning the Incense Cones produces ash and lasts hardly for only ten minutes.

And now it’s working awesome, and I am also enjoying the fragrance while writing the answer on Quora. Hope you can also do it at your home. And Do upvote the answer if you really like the innovative part and its reuse purpose.

I will also try to make it more awesome by researching more over it. this is a good method to use fragrance of Incense Cones throughout the day without any smoke coming out of it and also not finishing in few minutes. Thanks once again for giving the time to read the answer.

Thanks everyone for your awesome comment’s, see I just want to reduce the cost of so many basic commodities in my life, any one who wants to support me can ping me.






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