What’s Stopping The Youth Of Today

Posted by Pratibha Jha
January 9, 2017

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Young people with young minds, who are so filled with potential, are always considered to be an asset to society. They are the energizer who have the power to mould society. 

Well, then the question arises why today’s youth not able to achieve to their fullest potential. What actually is stopping them.

If we start counting the inhibitions of youth today we will end up with numerous results, but the most devastating reason is that today’s youth are becoming a slave to the virtual world. They are pushing themselves away from reality. It is very sad to figure out that more than 50% of youngsters have isolated themselves in an imaginary world.

They do not have the sense of commitment because they lack a clear vision and this is all because they do not know where they have to go.

With this, I start my journey on this wonderful platform, with a wake-up call to all the youngsters who have lost their way.

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