When Even Web-Series Trailers Make You Nostalgic

Posted by Ragini Tirkey in My Story
January 31, 2017

“The Good Girl Show”, produced by Dopamine Media, is a new entrant in the market of serious web creations. The trailer made me retreat back into my memories – back when I was in college, dealing with the world around with the newly established ‘adult’ tag hanging over me all the time. How the four girls put up together independently, while being prone to the outside world, reminded me of my vulnerabilities, raising goosebumps on my skin.

That night, with sparkling cheeks, along with some high-end dramatic eyes, a beautiful posture and an amazing pair of heels – I remember I was leaving for an ostentatious evening out with friends when I just stopped for a second or two.

Maybe those two seconds were enough to run shivers down my spine.

From a timid, highly vulnerable individual to the confident girl that I am now – I would say that the journey has been a long one. I reminisce those days when I used to feel that the universe and all its components were against me.

My complexion is brown in a fairly ‘fairish’ society. My hair is rough, untamed and curly. And all around me were some beautiful long luscious locks stealing away all the hearts and attention!

I was average-looking back then. I am average-looking even now. But I can tell you how these four years in college have changed me. And this change hasn’t been as much outward – as it was within.

Back in my early college days, when I was a fresher, a sudden reality happened to dawn on me that struck me and flipped my life forever. Do I really need to stand in front of the mirror and cry? Or be hesitant to wear a red lipstick just because, well, fair people can carry it off effortlessly? I must confess – now, I look smoking hot when I put a red lipstick on!

I have been running away from my own realities.

From my own fears. From my own imperfections, which now, don’t even seem to be present.

I struggled finding my individuality for the sole reason that I was different, and, I guess, that was how I was meant to be. Nobody can accept you till you accept yourself first. Once I got my closure, there hasn’t been any stopping since then. I dress like a million bucks at parties, I put on makeup like a pro, I slip into my favourite six-inch stilettos as if I just stepped on a feather, and I laugh!

Laugh my heart out. Because, why not! I’ve come in terms with who I am and whosoever might be reading this, I’m telling you that life is already hard – don’t make it any harder by not accepting yourself! You’re your own muse and let no one ever bring you down.

When you find your fears – touch them, feel them – and then like a confident child, flush them down the drain. The next time you look into the mirror of your mind, heart or soul, you should look for yourself – and not for that manifestation of the society around you, which you have accepted for many years.

Be your very own perfection honey, and fall in love – with yourself!