When Lawmakers Break The Law: Doesn’t Aurangabad DM Care About Road Safety?

Posted by Suyash Deep Rai in Society
January 21, 2017

In this country, we have seen rule makers breaking the rules. It’s normal to find police personnel without a helmet or riding in triples on a bike.

In a state like Bihar where the law and orders are on top priority for the Chief Minister, it’s shocking to see that a young IAS Mr Kanwal Tanuj is always found riding a bike without a helmet. According to the Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the officer is liable for a fine up to Rs 100 and since he has been doing it repeatedly, he is liable for fine up to Rs 300.

Recently, the DM was seen without a helmet during a motorbike rally supporting alcohol ban in Bihar and the same day was the last day of Road Safety Week. He was also found riding without a helmet during the panchayat election in 2016. Every day, he was in the headlines of local newspapers for his bike patrolling but why did none ask him to wear a helmet? In India, riding a motorbike without a helmet is an offence and common people have to follow the same. But why not a bureaucrat? Is he above the law? Don’t you think the young IAS officer is spreading a negative message on road safety?

None of the officers in the district or senior administration took the initiative to charge the District Magistrate. Even he did not apologise for his mistake. Who will take care of the senior officers? Are rules are meant to be broken by IAS officers? All these questions will remain unanswered till the time any senior officer or the honourable Chief Minister of Bihar interfere.

DM Aurangabad, Bihar riding bike without Helmet.