How To Start Your Own Blog

Posted by Sneha Chakraborty in Sci-Tech
January 27, 2017

What is blogging? Technically, it is the documentation of your life events, experiences or feelings in a set of web pages. But they are the breathings of your heart. Everyone likes to read blogs from all around the world to get knowledge and inspiration from them, but very few of them think of starting their own. Why start a blog? Well, writing what you feel or what you want the world to know on the internet gives you a voice. It teaches you discipline, introspection and a way to find yourself. Whether you’re a tech geek or a fashion freak, starting a blog will provide you direction for your passion. It gives you a platform which is free from criticism and censorship to say your opinions out loud and connect with those of same interest.

Now if you’re motivated enough to get it started, then here’s a guide for the beginners on how to start your blog.

1. Take a lot of time to decide what will be the niche for your blog. It could be a personal journal, fashion, travel, food and anything. If you’re unable to decide, don’t stress and start with anything you wish.

2. Select a domain. For beginners, it’s not necessary for you to spend big bucks and buy a domain. You can sign up for free on blogging websites such as Blogspot, WordPress or Weebly. Create an account and bang! You have a blog.

3. Customise your website. The above-mentioned blogging platforms provide you with thousands of ways by which you can make it look exactly the way you want. They may not allow you to customise certain sections as the blog has not been purchased.

4. Start writing – Everyday. You may find this the most difficult part of blogging, but along with helping you with your writing this will increase your patience and form a discipline. Even if you don’t have something to document everyday just brainstorm and save your ideas as drafts. If you want to publish four posts each week, writing all week will increase the quality of those four posts.

5. Add multimedia to your posts. Whether it’s a youtube link, Tumblr images or GIF’s make your post interesting and interactive.

Read, explore and write. Find what genre you find the best to write about and read blogs on that of other bloggers. You’ll surely learn ways to improve your own. Most domains allow you to view your readership and it will help you to understand how people like your content. It’s one of the best tools to help review yourself.
So, why more waiting? Hop on blogging!