Why I Want To Revive The Dying Art Of Animation

Posted by Abhinav Sharma in My Story
January 25, 2017

When I was little I use to watch amazing animations where lines were used to convey stories in the form of feature films I am sure most of the people have had a similar experience with animation but it was a little different for me. I used to see my father draw. As I was growing I was inspired by his craft which influenced me to become an animator.

Few years later, in 2012, I graduated and wanted to pursue animation studies but the reality was far from what I imagined. My family was really supportive and helped me search of a perfect college, but there isn’t any college with valid education in animation in India so we chose the best out of the worst and I started my studies. However, all I was taught there was basic drawing and a lot of software which did not interest me.

By the time I completed my animation education (according to their attendance register), I read a shocking article on internet about the last animation released by ”Walt Disney Animation Studios” in 2013 so I started looking for other studios who work in traditional animation but to no avail. All that is left of it is left is digital 2d or 3d animation.

At that time I felt like, my dream was crushed. It was horrible. A few days later my friend showed me a video tutorial of a software program and with the rise of ”Youtube” it meant that I could learn from the internet. I would then revive the traditional animation by myself.

Right now I am honing my skills learning from great artist’s and former animators through videos from internet and looking forward to start animating. It will not be easy but, I have my passion to fuel me through the process of animating and give people “the story of lines”.