Society Needs To Change Its Perception About Mourning Death

Posted by Shreya Mrigen
January 27, 2017

Death is a sad truth and some time in the course of life, people have to go through its pain in one form or other. But the society we live in makes the loss worse. In changing times where the world is moving towards practicality and positivity, people with modern mindsets are becoming more accepting towards the truths of life. This acceptance doesn’t mean that love or attachments is decreasing, only the maturity to handle the situation is increasing.

The problem with a country like ours is that people have an inbuilt mentality that any kind of disease or crisis, and especially death of someone close is to be treated with sad faces and restrictions on anything that could possibly bring a smile on someone’s face. What people fail to understand is that the turbulence in the mind of people going through the loss is much higher than they can possibly imagine. The moments of joy and sources of enjoyment is the only thing that can make them happy momentarily. Sitting alone and thinking of the past does nothing more than sending the person concerned into depression and loneliness.

Especially for women in our society, death of her husband is always associated with the colour of clothes and the type of make up she wears. She is restricted from doing things and even her smile is looked at in a different light as if it’s a crime for her to be happy. Where people are supposed to talk her out of her pain by making her opt for a happier life, they choose to push her deeper into​ trauma by sympathising with her. Loss doesn’t need it. The person going through it knows enough about the dark side of reality. All one needs in such a situation is a reason to see life in a brighter light. Well, that is a far fetched idea. But the least their close ones can do for them is to not make an attempt to push them into loneliness further.

Happiness becomes difficult after someone close goes away from our lives forever but the presence of people around trying to make us forget about it helps emptiness to be lost from our heart and mind for some time at least.