Posted by Anamika Annu
January 7, 2017

Dear Indian men,

You all might not be groping us. I will listen and believe you that you are not amongst those whose eyes becomes an X-ray machine trying to peep through the clothes we wear, whether it’s a burqa, salwaar-kameez  or short skirt. I get you when you said you feel guilty and ashamed.

I get it when you say you aren’t a part of the society which keeps indulging in such heinous crimes against women. But still, we all women have faced this at some point. And if you aren’t the one who does this, please be the one who prevents this.

Have courage to take responsibility. The least you can do is not be defensive. When next time you see a girl being scared of you on a deserted street, don’t get surprised or shocked because she doesn’t know which category of men you belong to. And if it hurts you because you can never even think of doing anything inappropriate, then it’s time to take a stand, because you see, it’s affecting you guys too.