You Don’t Have To Be Anti-man To Be Pro-Woman

Posted by Shivam Aggarwal
January 25, 2017

As women build courage, they are leaving the mark that holds them within domestic boundaries. Today, in this so called educated world, however, people are following knee-jerk reactions and herd mentality.

Two days back, while I was browsing something on the Internet and read the news of a man who has been accused of misbehaving with a girl after the popular singer Atif Aslam slammed that guy in a live concert.

Believing the news, the guy was nabbed, allegedly, red-handed while misbehaving with women and the entire mob beat the alleged harasser, without any proof. Social media went crazy about this incident. People were applauding and praising Atif for the commendable job which he did.

But Is there anyone who thought of that boy? What would happen to him now that he was beaten up by a mob of thousands?

No of course not, we assume things have happened before without thinking or going deep into the matter. According to their report, the guy alleges that he has been misjudged. A student of IBA, this guy was in fact, a member of the security team at the concert. He was in charge of stopping people from entering the VIP section without a legitimate pass.

Those girls along with their male friend were trying to escape into VIP section and the so-called harasser was trying to stop them. No one listened to him and declared him a molester without any legit proof. The boy was beaten ruthlessly by the mob but who cares, after all, he is a boy and he must have done something wrong, right?

Another incident happened 3 months back when a guy was accused of misbehaving with a girl. The entire social media picked on him for bringing shame to the male community and society but afterwards, it was proved that the boy was right and the girl was molesting and blackmailing him for a long time, but still was treated as a criminal. His dad threw him out of the house, his relatives made fun of him and ultimately he went into depression and was admitted to AIIMS haveing slipped him into mental trauma.

One more incident I recall about Priyanka Chopra; a very well known Bollywood actress makes a statement on Twitter in 2016, “I don’t want a man for anything except children.”

The statement was highly controversial at that time though the kindled fire is now extinguished. It still doesn’t fail to ask us a question. What if a man said these lines? What would he be called? We all know the answer I suppose.

This question brings utter silence in the minds of every male shattering his dreams with a single stroke left with no means of escape.

In most countries of the world, the laws against domestic violence provide protection to both men and women. Men can also seek restraining orders from courts. But sadly Indian men do not have any specific law for their protection. All laws are sided with women. I really appreciate the Indian government for making efforts towards gender equality but every individual has the right to their consent, will and decisions.

Though both sexes are facing gender harassment and both the sexes are perpetrators in a way the irony of our nation is if a female partner is wrecking havoc on her male partner that is alright but the vice versa makes someone a molester.

There are incidences registered where men were beaten, slammed, battered, tortured by their wives resulting in some of them committing suicide. The major question remains the same. Is it mandatory to be anti-man to be pro-woman?

I believe each gender faces some kind of violence. I am just trying to show a different picture, a taboo which is never talked about. I respect both genders and this is my attempt to show a hidden truth and how people play with the system using their genders as a weapon.

I am strictly not saying that all men are good or all women are bad. I am just trying to portray some facts and expressing a need to address this issue without misunderstanding. Please do not proactively assume someone as criminal until or unless he/she has been proved guilty by the Law. Please try to respect people, not the gender.