Posted by Debolina Datta in Society
January 19, 2017

India is in a condition that it could be called a semi – developed nation. In the past decade there has been a rapid growth in the spheres of science, economy and sports which effected the development of India. But just like the two sides of a coin, there is a reason which does not let India transform into a fully developed nation. The reason is so vast that it could be and should be taken up as an issue in front of the masses.

Even though India is the largest democracy in the world, there are still aspects which question the persistence of democracy in the country. For example, the youth of this nation is repeatedly ignored. After attaining the age of 18 years, a person does not only attain the power to execute their opinion in the political sphere but also has the right to express their views and mindset in all spheres that are related to the country and its development. But their views are neglected because they say it lacks experience. How can that be a reason for neglecting the future of the nation? This mindset of the so called ‘experienced’ citizens of the nation certainly affects the growth of the nation.

The youth is the future of India and at one point of time they might run the country too but that seems a mirage considering the current position of youth in society of India. The youth’s opinion is neglected. They are called reckless and inexperienced. But what is the scope of experience or a youth when they are not allowed to work? Experience is definitely not an inborn talent. Even a mathematical prodigy needs practice to be able to execute mathematical situations in a jiffy. They might be a prodigy but cannot express their ideas if they are suppressed. Their talent is wasted. In fact, the youth should be given full freedom to express and execute their thoughts or the ideas they believe could be important in the development of the nation. Their views are to be taken as equally important. This gives them a chance to express themselves. The suppression of youth could give space to programs like brain drain, where they give their ideas to other countries.

The youth is career oriented and when they are given a chance to express their views they have the right to accept it. Even in politics, the Lok Sabha, the age limit of candidature is 20 but there are few people who actually get to be a part of the government. As said, the mindset of youth could be helpful in running the country. A young person can easily connect with the masses and urge the other youngsters to take part in politics. But the actual situation is so that the youngsters consider the politics to be a dirty puddle which could ruin their lives.

The older generation should give way to the younger generation so that they can analyze the condition of the nation and participate actively to bring up India as a developed nation. There is a need to understand that politics is the most important sphere of a nation and if right people step in, India will be able to prove itself as not only the largest but also the most efficient democracy of the world. But that is only if the opinion of the youth is given equal importance in all aspects that concern the development of the country. So, hail YOUNGISTAN!!!