Zindagi Channel Brings Home Some Korean Drama!

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January 29, 2017

Zindagi Channel recently announced the new country addition to their programme list piquing a lot of interest from the viewers all over India. Known for showing content filled dramas from other countries, finally a Korean Drama has been announced to take a slot in the channel. This has created some amazing excitement among a portion of Indian youth who are heavily into this genre while others are left unfazed or at most uncertain of what the show will offer. Korean entertainment has not been heard of most of the Indian population except for the viral Gangnam Style and this is huge step towards the introduction of Korean culture and programmes to the audience of India.

So which show has Zindagi decided to air? 2016 was an amazing year for Korean dramas but one drama stood out from all of the rest and now it is all set to be aired in India. Descendants of the Sun broke all records in Korea and was loved by the public both in Korea and Overseas. Set in the times of disaster and war where a soldier and a doctor find love and support in each other with destiny and emotions playing a huge role in the extreme environment, this drama turned top star Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo into household names everywhere. Along with the romantic premise, Descendants of the Sun also showcases the challenging life of the soldiers and their sacrifices and love for their own country. With sizzling chemistry between the lead actors as well as the supporting cast, this drama will bring a new variety of entertainment which the Indian audience may never have experienced.

What the Indian audience may find interesting is the fact that Descendants of the Sun is only 16 episodes long i.e., the entire show is of only 16 hours. This is very common in K-Dramas as most of them run for just 16 or 24 episodes. However, this may also become a con for the audience as they might be left heavily wanting for more action once they fall deep into this black hole of Korean Dramas.

Descendants of the Sun will premiere on February 8, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. on Zindagi Channel. If you are worried about the language barrier then have no fear. The entire series will be dubbed in Hindi for the comfort of the Indian audience. Go ahead and give it a try and I swear that you will never ever look back again. Salute!

Written by,

Saakshi Varsha Lama, Delhi, India (Korean Culture India Fan Club)