​It’s always women, who suffer – On Uniform Civil Code

Posted by Vignesh Zerö Gravìty
February 17, 2017

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Constitution of India, Part IV, Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 44: “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”
Whichever time it may be, whenever a politician spells the word UNIFORM CIVIL CODE then starts the debates in which no one likely to listen to the other one’s concerns, just expressing their crooked visions and dogmatize it.

There lie all the problems. Nobody wants to listen. BJP tells the problem as a concern for the downtrodden ladies. But concerns arise only when party dogs smell elections. If BJP becomes successful in getting caste Hindu votes then all the discussion they started will be stopping by themselves. The truth is neither BJP is ready to implement it. Because it’s a democratic country.  A law has to be formulated from the conclusions of various discussions. It’s not Amit Shah neither Modi who decides to implement it. It’s actually WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA.

Now when it comes to Muslims in India, actually most of the people don’t know what it is. The people who call themselves as the icon of Muslim society is making big stories with it. Like, you will be buried like Hindus, our marriages will be like that of Hindus etc. And this time, it’s BJP who’s in Delhi. Now the fear amplifies.

The ugly truth in India is most of us are all really casteists. Muslims fear when BJP is moving UCC, just like caste Hindus earlier opposed, when BhimRao Ambedkar (an untouchable in the eyes of caste Hindus) introduced Hindu code bill, 1951. The Same situation arises when it comes to the issue of women entry into Sabarimala. Even if we say we are civilised, our thoughts stop when religion sets a border to our thinking. The need for the time has to come by overstepping the outdated religious boundaries, that’s why Ambedkar called for the annihilation of caste. Sad to say that Gandhi also opposed Ambedkar’s views almost same as caste Hindus did.

Even if we say India is a pluralist country,  when somebody says anything about religion,  everyone loses their mind. Everyone are saying various religious bodies have to meet and need to reach a conclusion. Again the conclusion, do you think they will reach in an all agreeable conclusion? Surely they don’t.  Why ? Because the meeting will only be participated by Male members of the society. A BIG SHIT…. That’s the gargantuan challenge. They only speak of narrow-minded male concerns regarding How to sustain patriarchy? How to dominate over women in every possible way? If polygamy is justified as a moral duty of men, if someone propose polyandry(having multiple husbands at a time) the women is labelled as a prostitute. Once Akbar (Mughal) also conducted a meeting like this. Guess what, it was just like the 2015 Kerala Budget session. Unless there are the equal number of progressive women in these debates, the conclusion will be nothing but a farce.

Even after Hindu Code being passed I personally know families in which Women deprived of their succession rights. If we take today’s circumstances Muslims are not obeying the Shariah law regarding criminal cases. Why? Because punishment is higher. But why chose civil laws from shariah, because it favours men for their pragmatic needs. It’s a SECULAR DEMOCRATIC country, it’s not ruling by Krishna, Allah or Jesus. It’s a REPUBLIC. So everyone has to think as a citizen of this great country, that is INDIA.

So as a citizen of this country, it’s our duty to endeavour towards GENDER-SOCIAL-ECONOMIC JUSTICE. It’s not about destroying our religion, It’s all about making our Daughters, Sisters and Mothers feel secure in an unjust World, A secure life. Still, there are people who say, is UCC really that much important and is this the need of the hour, while so many other important issues are there. The thing they are missing is that they are not looking at the desperate crying faces of numerous Shah Banus. While UCC being delayed, their justice is delayed that is denied.

We have abandoned Sati, Criminal Shariah law, Child marriage and other unjust personal laws. So why can’t we implement UCC? WE CAN IF WE STAND TOGETHER.


“Constitutional morality is not a natural sentiment. It has to be cultivated. We must realize that our people have yet to learn it. Democracy in India is only a top-dressing on an Indian soil, which is essentially undemocratic.” -Ambedkar

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