The 5 Things All Of Us Wish Our Parents Would Let Us Do!

Posted by Jeremy Chew in Society
February 11, 2017

A child is a beautiful gift to any parent, a gift that they want to cherish and protect for as long as they can. After all, the world is a harsh place. Which parent (who has experienced ways of the world) would want their child to suffer the way they suffered? The answer is ‘no one’. Most parents would hope that they would be able to keep their child protected from the world out there – but a time will come when parents will have to let their children go to explore the world on their own.

While it is not wrong for parents to advise their children and steer them in the right direction for a great future, there are certain things that parents need to let their children do on their own, especially as their child transitions from a dependent youngster to an independent young adult. Here are five things that parents should let their children do:

Deciding On Their Future Occupation

Never tell your kid what you would like them to study. Sure, being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant would bring the most financial gains, but not every child is cut out to work in those fields. Some children are born to be artistic or have a caring heart. Who knows? Your child could be the next King of Pop or even the next Mother Teresa. What parents should do is encourage their children to get as much education as possible, as well as help them discover their hidden talents.

Choosing Their Friends

You may think that filtering your child’s peers would be helping to keep him/her away from any negative influences. While that is true, it is not helpful for your child at all. Ask yourself this question: would you continue choosing who he/she can be friends with even when they are well into their 30s? If your answer is no, then it is best that you let your child make friends on his/her own. This will in turn teach your child valuable life lessons, as well as to develop strong social skills, especially while he/she is still young.

Discovering Their Hobbies And Interests

Having a hobby is a good thing, especially if the hobby involves a hidden talent that would be beneficial for the child in the future. It is not easy finding a hobby that will interest your child and while many online parenting sites have come up with ways to get your child be interested in a hobby, sometimes it is best if you just leave your child to discover it on their own. After all, this will help your child discover his/her own passion for the hobby, and passion can drive people to go far in their lives. Your job, as a parent, would be to encourage the child to develop the said hobby, rather than telling your child what hobby to take on. Send them for classes (if they need it) and purchase supplies for them.

Travelling With Friends Or By Themselves

Yes, the world is a scary place. But there will come a time when you will have to let your precious little one go. Usually, children will begin broaching the subject of travelling on their own when they are between stages of their lives (before going to college or graduation). Letting them travel on their own will teach them to be street-smart and to be able plan as well as figure out their expenses wisely. The skills that they learn from travelling on their own would definitely be beneficial for their future, when they learn to be independent. And this brings us to our final point…

Moving Out And Living On Their Own

Empty Nest Syndrome is very much real, and is something that most parents go through eventually. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep your child at home, just because you cannot stand having an empty house. While some parents would only allow their children to move out when they are married, sometimes it is best if you let them move out even while they are still single. This will help teach your children to be responsible, and to fend for themselves, especially if they have a maid (or even you) picking up after them at home.

In the end, it is best for parents to let their children decide on these few important things. Let children shape their lives the way they want to, rather than make them live a dream that is not theirs that would not be fulfilling for them in the end. The job of any parent is to make sure that their child gets the right education, learns to live by the right moral code – and ultimately, learns to be independent.


Image Source : Pexels