A Advise To Every Parent Whose Kid Is Going To Write 10th Boards.

Posted by Karthik Khatri
February 18, 2017

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Class 10 board exams are just a few weeks away and every 10th class student of every city/town/village is tensed. Everyone is stressed and they think that if they don’t do well in these exams then they won’t be able to achieve anything in their life and remain as a loser. It’s not their fault because they have got such a mindset from their own teachers and parents. There is no doubt that 10th exams are important but it doesn’t mean that students need to study 24*7 and stress yourself from the burden of studies. Some student may get 85 in maths but that doesn’t mean even your child is capable of getting 85/90 in maths. Every student has their own talent, interests, and strengths. Don’t compare your kid with others as every kid is different and has his/her own interests. Yes, marks are a criterion to judge someone’s intelligence but do remember marks are not the ONLY criteria to judge someone’s intelligence. You cannot judge a guy who wants to become a writer with his maths marks. Make sure that he/she studies well, takes enough break and doesn’t stress much. Interact with your child. Ask him about his interests and talents. Don’t be a typical Indian parent and ask him to become someone that you want him to become. It’s his/her life and children must be given the right to choose their future profession. Yeah, as parents you can guide them on the right path but please don’t influence their decision. There are a wide variety of career options in India. Please don’t restrict your children to just pursue their career in Engineering or Science. There a lot of other options available. Your child can become a writer, a journalist, filmmaker, cricketer, musician, counselor and what not. There a number of career options available for your child to shine in his life.


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