A Piece of Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Posted by adilzafar in Entrepreneurship
February 1, 2017

To become an entrepreneur, there are some important ingredients that you must decode in your entrepreneurial journey, or I would rather say ‘Entrepreneurial Game’.

When I use the word ‘decode’, it relates more to the fact that the Entrepreneurial Game would not work without certain ingredients. Entrepreneurship is a game, just like the ones you play on your Playstation or Android device. Like Temple Run or Subway Surfer or maybe even Candy Crush.

When you play a game, you
– Make a score
– You may fail
– The game gets over
– You decide to play again
– You lose again
– You play again
Those who make the game a habit happen to earn much better scores than moody players.

The entrepreneurship journey is no different from such a game.
– You have to play
– You have to play hard to score big
– When you fail, you have to play again.

Now, if you are focused on becoming an entrepreneur, here are the steps, tools and practice required to win this entrepreneurship game and reach that six figure score:
STEP 1. Get a good platform/product which has a good and legitimate name in the industry. Go all in!
STEP 2. Learn everything about that platform/product- every product comes with training, tutorials and promotional tools.
STEP 3. Get the most important tools that every entrepreneur is using.
A) A landing page- developer or a software- to collect leads
B) An auto-responder or email marketing software that can send emails to your leads about your product
C) High converting email swipes with great headlines so that your prospects open and read your emails
D) A fresh funnel that would benefit the subscriber even when he is putting in his lead
E) A website That provides value more than the readers expect so that it becomes their go-to blog
STEP 4. You must make sure that you either have an expert who operates the aforementioned stuff for you, or you must master these things yourself along the course of your journey.

Becoming rich is a great decision. However, it requires some serious precision!