A story to self-guide “Who Hacked My Brain” aka “Kaun Hai Wo Mastishkaharta”.

Posted by Azhar Sabri
February 22, 2017

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It is said that either you count the stars or you fall asleep. This is the case with reading this book as well, “either you get excited to read on or you fall asleep”.

The upcoming release in the world of self-help that is crafted like a fictional drama named “Who Hacked My Brain”,  is a suspense-filled love story which promises to keep its readers awake until the readers realize an awakening within them. This book is a blend of love story, self-help and science fiction.

Where else can one get such mixed material in one package? This means there is variety in the store for everyone.

Author Kumar Gaurav says, “What if you woke up every day with the freedom to do anything you want? What if you could bridge the gap between your dreams & reality? This is possible merely by reading this book and get attuned with the applications put forth by the character in the story of “Who Hacked My Brain”. Guess what – you can do it.”

Currently this book is available for its Hindi readers. Depending on the response of Hindi readers, it may be translated into English.

This Book claims to be a major breakthrough and a stepping stone towards success for its readers. This book also claims to be an inspiration for those who are hunting for a new career or looking for a switch in their career.

This book claims to be a thought-provoking and at the same time promises to be a money maker as well. Although this book does not come with a money making idea, but the author says that understanding the message within the book and its application in one’s life shall definitely lead to the path of honest money making as well.

This book claims that the readers would wait for another such creation from author once its read is complete. After reading the title of the book, it may appear that this won’t make a big impact on your life and will be like just another read. But no, this is going to be a big deal in every one’s life who believes it is not only a story but based on a true incident, although it is not.

Just like a thought has a potential to become an idea, a story design has to come on paper as it might have potential to become reality. The author adds that reading this book will always set you up at the higher level of spirit and energy.

Lot of claims and promises have been made which makes it totally worth a read.

With much anticipation, looking forward to the release of Hindi version of “Who Hacked My Brain” also known as “Kaun Hai Wo Mastishkaharta”.

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