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A Woman Doesn’t Have To Be The Man Of The House

Posted by payal khullar
February 1, 2017

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A women goes through soo much in her life, its not just the menstrual pain that i am talking about which devastates her every month but also the physical pain and trauma she bears in her daily life.

Playing multiple roles, trying to satiate each one around her is not an easy task at all. Stepping back at the dinner table when the food falls short , covering up by saying she’s full talks about her immolation.

No one understands her plea and her cranky nature during her menstrual. Her erratic nature all the while seems to be a trivial affair.

She’s expected to be the first one to wake up in the morning and prepare the fodder and manage the cuisine for the entire day.

Even more disheartening it is when she’s not given an equal right in her beloved’s family. The stereotypical nature still prevails in some parts of the society where the man goes out to earn money and women stays home to take care of the family and kids, a woman is the only one whose dreams take a back gear. Nobody ever asked a man to stay back and take care of the kids and let the lady pursue her dreams.

when a man ejaculates he releases nearly 100 million sperms on an average and only one sperm reaches to fertilise the egg which makes a man eligible to be called as a Father of a new born and it is that one sperm that also decides the gender but it is always the woman whose been accused to give birth to a baby girl which in some parts of the society are taken as an option or has a status of a second child.

Someone who leaves her parents and starts living with a bunch of strangers for her entire life should be considered as the real hero of our society. Why can’t guys leave their parents home and start living with their beloved’s family??

Not only this , Women are also judged upon the kind of clothes they wear, the kind of people they hang out with And also the kind of carrier they pursue.

Objectified and auditioned to get a suitable match, She’s placed like a statue and questioned. In some cases her virginity decides her character.

Since childhood a girl is taught how to sit, talk , wear and behave. Do not spread those legs, keep those eyes down, don’t keep the pitch too high and the list is unending.

Being a woman myself, I’m still no closer to decipher what fomulates this perspective of society.

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