A Woman Needs No Special Facilities

Posted by Nayanika Mukherjee
February 19, 2017

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the advertisement of a fairness cream announced the launch of a new web page especially for woman. though it could be questioned in a thousand ways, people never do so.

A few days ago, this fairness cream company launched a web page where they provided jobs and scholarships to women. Though, it appeared to be a great deed, it actually degraded the abilities of women. Why does a woman need special web sites or pages to get jobs or admissions in colleges? Is she normally unable to achieve so?

This is how women are stooped low. A woman needs opportunities, not favors. Why aren’t such websites applicable for men? Because men get it easy. Women are the one who need special help to apply for jobs and colleges. These cheap ways of business and popularity actually degrade a woman’s disabilities.

A working woman is often a prey to attention seeking helps. They are pitied and consoled, adviced and helped. But do they really need it?

These are mere attempts to remind women the superstition that they are physically and mentally weaker than women.

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