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Posted by Aham Brahmasvi
February 13, 2017

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Date: 12/1/2017.
Dear You,
This is not a book; this is not a fiction story; this is a dream that has chosen me; this is the energy in ‘me’ trying to reach you; this is a movement in ‘me’ about to conquer you.
Even when many around me never tried harder to understand me, the Godliness in Humanity always motivated me saying that “Live your dream”, and my friend, one dream has chosen me- “A dream for a Perfect Society with perfect citizens where the world is one family”, and from then, I have been working for making that one dream true. This conversation is an attempt to share views, dreams, concerns and reality we are into. I felt that you might understand me, you might realize my pain, you might realize the trouble we are into. Please be patient and try to listen to me by reading.
When I see Human LOVE for the PEACE, I am one among the millions who feel happy. When I see injustice fought, ‘I’ am one among the millions who feel happy. But my friend, I am deeply frightened knowing that the world is on a destructive path while Humanity is always hurting itself with its negative characteristics from the path of Dharma.
When I see growing technology on one end and Imperfect citizens at other end, I always remain startled thinking that One Imperfect citizen can destroy everything that ever existed. When Billions are being invested on Future technology, I always wonder when there is not much investment in Building a society of Perfect citizens and Perfect system.
When I see that we act like a system of Different Nations, Different Religions which are self seeking with different motives, despite being part of one System-Humanity; I have a fear of tomorrow. When we live in a world where we Invest Millions in digging metals inspite of Investing millions in digging brains of every child; Invest Millions in Hunger for advanced warfare inspite of Investing millions in killing the hunger of Millions dying; I have a fear of tomorrow when Humanity is reinventing ways towards destruction. And, the cause of my fears, I accuse ‘Modern day society’ for creating Imperfect Education, Imperfect situations, Imperfect Governance & Imperfect citizens. He should be recreated, changed or we will be extinct.
Abraham Lincoln once said,
“Whatever we do, we do not for ourselves,
Not for one man, but for the Good of all Mankind.”
But if the society around creates a Terrorist out of a child, he would believe his entire life that his aim/purpose is destruction.
We hold the truth self evident that,
Human educational development is a function of his education from parents/guardians, teachers, situations he was into, Each& every person he communicated with, Each & every thought that affected his thought process, Each & every day of his life.
Then terrorist is a function of his life like me and you.A child born today can be a terrorist, a criminal or a perfect citizen who works for the growth of Humanity, it depends on his educational development. We need to remember that it is now, when we have a chance
To stop a terrorist in 2030, from a child in 2017.And our only chance is to educate him & make him a better person. When I say ‘Terrorist’, it doesn’t specify only Religious terrorist; It specifies each & every person who is hurting Humanity with his misconceptions, misbeliefs, Greed, Pride, anger, Envy.
When Bad around the world is being rewarded, it is hard for me to see the good in us crucified. When Bad is reinventing ways, we should always answer it & fight it with the good in us; as both Good & evil thoughts are same potent powers.
‘I’ regret to mention that we still fight in the name of Religion when it has been centuries since the world has been connected, since we are multi-religious & Diff. Nations, but still we didn’t rise above Human disputes & Human ignorance; creating pulses of negative energy in every corner by being a system of Individuals who focus-centric is their own development. Its late, my friend,
Time has come when we need to act like a system of Humanity; Time has come when we need refine our character; Time has come when we need to change or continue on the destructive path; Time has come when we need to educate ourselves between Good and Bad;Time has come when we need to fight the evil within us to fight the evil around; Time has come when we need to be Uni-Religious in this Multi-Religious society, a Religion of Humanism; Time has come when we need to make Institutional changes to create a person of Self control, Sociability, character; creating a perfect citizen out of a child; Time has come when we need to Think Good, Be Good, Do good; Time has come for us to establish a “Perfect society” with perfect citizens & governance. And, if you believe time has come,
For creating a perfect system, “Let us not pray God, but act like One (GOD).” For there is already infinite energy within you and its time when you realize that God has created us par with him with a primary eternal force which he has-“To Think.” Only Difference between God and us is the Knowledge and consciousness which he acquired. So ‘I’ believe that I am the Creator, which you are. ‘I’ believe that we can create anything if we intend to create. So, why can’t we create a perfect society by refining every cell (citizen-yourself) in the system (society), making it perfectly functional? ‘I’ believe that we can, if you educate every cell in the system.
We know that the history of world is the history of few great men who made themselves pure and worked for the progress of Humanity fighting against all the Bad in the society making the system purer & efficient. One great man believed that hundred such men with character can transform the world creating awareness in each & every corner of the system.
You need to know that Jesus / Buddha, they are nothing but unselfishness in Ideals, morals & thoughts; ancient Societies produced men like them. Modern day society advanced in many Knowledge fronts but failed immensely, not being able to create better citizens; not being able to create good education which makes citizens sociable; not being able to achieve true equality; and its time when we answer that failure by making institutional changes to the system, upgrading it.
And being a part of an Imperfect system, it is the hour of need for each & every cell in the system, while they need to play their role in building a perfect system. And, as a part of System, ‘I’ want to communicate with each & every cell in the system, to share some knowledge regarding the movement; a movement to fight evil in us and around.

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On Feb 24th, the Movement will conquer you. Till then, raise the voice for this campaign.

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