Air Warns To Breathe

Posted by Sushmita Sinha
February 21, 2017

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Drawing attention towards our environment and nature The state of global air report of 2017 along with    The Heath Effects Institutes And The institutes of Health Netrics and evacuation at the Washington University stated that the particulate matter,usually known as PM 2.5 , has been growing vigorously in India. As 91 out of one lakh Indians  to early death in 2015 because of outdoor air pollution. Estimated pre mature death increased to 15 to 20 lakh annually in India. In most of the polluted cities like – Patna, Ahmedabad, Delhi even moderate physical activity could prove harmful ,than being beneficial to peoples health as mentioned in the reports of new research.

In 2014 , a WHO report came that stated Delhi’s air quality was the worst in the world. Despite of taking as a warning government has not initiated effective measures to control it and Delhi experienced the worst effect of air pollution in november 2016 ,just the day after Diwali night ,when the cities’ visibility gone very low due to the smog which was created from burning of crackers and crops in the neighboring state. Government have failed to reduce the burning of agricultural biomass and coal in Pinjab,UP,Rajasthan,Haryana and Delhi. Last year’s directions from NGT(National Green Tribunal) to Delhi to curb the use of diesel vechicleS and end open burning of garbage have failed to implement. Households are still burning Bio mass everyday for cooking in India.

Although, The Indian Agriculturural Research Institute proposed steps to convert the waste  into useful products as like ; compost ,biogas,biofuel,enriched fodder etc. The Ministery of Petroleum And Natural Gas (MoPNG) has targeted 5 crore BPL house holds to be connected to LPG by 2017. But with these schemes government should also launch a awareness programme by this they can ensure the use LPG as the main cook fuel despite of pollutant traditional biomass. beside these majors Ozone monitoring stations also be established for giving a proper kick start to curb air pollution as the situation demands for it.

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