‘Dear Seniors, I Am Scared Of Joining College’

Posted by Sarah Khan in Society
February 23, 2017

Dear Seniors,

As a young school student who will soon be joining college, I am scared of the whole idea of having to go to college.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

Earlier, college used to be my dream destination. To me, college seemed to be a place where I would not always be guarded by my teachers, where my language or behaviour would not land me into any trouble, besides being the only place where I would learn endlessly with no restrictions of syllabuses.

Today however, after seeing the clashes in Ramjas College between the students (my would-be seniors), I’m absolutely horrified by the fighting, the abusing and the manhandling. I fervently looked for the principal or the staff of the college trying to control the situation – but alas, such is college life! All I could see was the men in khakis confused over what they should be doing – whether to lathi-charge you (my future seniors) or let you all keep on fighting!

Why are you all fighting? Is it because of the flaws in our education system, because of which a poor child, despite having the determination, cannot proceed with his studies because of the expensive forms which have to be bought? Are you fighting for better public services? Or are you fighting because of the corruption and the increasing number of scams due to which the Indian economy is floundering? Is it because of Trump?

Unfortunately, I do not think you are fighting over any of these issues. You are all clashing over the issue of nationalism, whose very essence lies in non-violence (remember Gandhiji?). Tell me what made you all so agitated that you all became ready to cross any line to prove your point!

I will be ashamed of calling you people my seniors, when the time arrives! Moreover, I’m afraid for my India, whose ignorant youngsters don’t care for the issues that really matter!

Seeing all these clashes on television has made me think twice about my ‘college’ dream. In fact, this can even hamper college admissions. This might become a reason for parents not to send their children in such an unsafe environment.

Yes, after seeing these clashes, to me, ‘unsafe environment’ has become a synonym for college!

Violence at Ramjas College

Why can’t you all come together and work for the progress of our nation? Let’s make our actions speak louder than all the slogans! Let us all work together for a better tomorrow!

If you cannot do this, then at least don’t fight like hooligans!

P.S. – We school children can bring change – peacefully!

Yours sincerely,

School students


Image Source : Tamilarasu Kandasamy Servai/Facebook