An Unknown Journey: Kolkata To Bhubaneswar

Posted by Comedian Abhishek Barnwal
February 13, 2017

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Date: 22nd November, 2016

Day: Tuesday

Note: DON’T Worry IF THIS IS Boring TO U, I DON’T Know U & So CAN’T Harm U!!

Brief-Information : I M Abhishek Barnwal[U CAN Google Me WITH “Comedian Abhishek Barnwal“, THIS IS A Written BUT Real-Story OF MY Journey Happened ON 22nd November WHICH I Thought TO Share ON MY Blog, So Next-Paragraph U WILL Read IS THE Start

THE Day Started As_Usual As MY Daily-Routine  BUT After-SomeTime IT Turned IN A Huge-Hurry!! MY Train WAS AT 2:50 P.M., So I Moved_Out FROM Home AT 12:15 A.M. FOR MY School As I HAD TO Submit MY Projects FOR THE Higher_Secondary Examination!! IT WAS Almost  1:30 & I WAS Still 5-8 Minutes Far FROM MY School Due TO Huge Traffic-Jam, Later I Got TO Know THAT THE Way TO MY School IS Blocked & I HAD TO Walk FROM There TO Reach School. Almost Half-AN-Hour WAS Wasted IN THE Bus WHICH WAS NOT Good!

When I Entered IN THE School Premises, I SAW MY Three Friends ARE Already There TO Submit Their_Projects, I Talked WITH Them & Got TO Know THAT MY All 5 Projects ARE InValid!!

Reason: I DIDN’T Added Pictures IN A Particular_Project & IN 3 Projects I Used Channel-Files WHICH WAS NOT Taken BY THE Teachers & A Teacher WAS NOT Present AT THE School, So Last_Project WAS Automatically-Rejected[IT WAS Valid]. I JUST Gave MY Projects TO One OF MY Friend & Moved FROM There AT 2:30 P.M.!!

According TO Our Teachers, Left: Binding-Cover IS Valid & Right: Channel-Cover IS InValid

Struggle Starts Here

I WAS Waiting FOR THE Bus TO Howrah-Station While THE Main-Lace OF MY Bag Tore & THE Bag WAS ON THE Road!! Again I Put THE Bag ON MY Shoulders WITH THE Help OF 2 Small-Laces IN THE Sides OF THE Bag BUT IT WAS FOR 2-Minutes & After, THE 2 OF Them WERE Broken & Again THE Bag WAS ON THE Road!!

MY Red-Bag WAS ON THE Road FOR 2-Times, Missing: Me!!

AnyHow I Got ON THE Bus AT 2:35 P.M. Tied THE Broken_Lace OF THE Bag. As THE Bus[Along WITH Me] Reached Howrah-Station ON 2:45 P.M., I Got_Down IN Rush & Soon IT Became A Rude-Run!! I Went TO THE Old-Complex First, Asked THE Railway-Police About THE Train “Coromandal Express”, They Told Me THAT IT Comes IN THE New-Complex & Again I Rushed_ToWards THE New-Complex. After Reaching There, I Saw THAT ITS Already 2:49 P.M. & THE Train IS ON THE Platform & IS Ready FOR Departure.
I Ran_Again & WAS Finding THE Sleeper-Class While Running, I Stopped Near THE AC 3 Tier Bogie As I WAS Unable TO Walk/Run More[Totally Exhausted!!

Left: I WAS Much Exhausted Than THIS, Right: I Stopped Near THIS Department

IT WAS 2:50 P.M. THE Train WAS Started, I Stopped FOR Few_Seconds & Got IN THE General-Compartment. IT WAS Nearly_Full, So I WAS JUST Inside THE Gate  MY Head WAS ON A Big-Red SuitCase[OF A Passenger Standing_Nearby]. I WAS Breathing-Hardly & There WAS So_Much Pain IN Near MY Stomach[Maybe Lungs, I DON’T Know], After 5-7 Minutes I Stood-Straight & Looked_Around TO See_If There IS Any Space TO Sit BUT IT WAS Fully_Congusted.

I Called MY Father & Told Him THAT I M ON THE Train & WILL Reach Bhubaneswar IN Late-Evening, So DON’T Care_Much[As Good_Parents Do Always], THEN I Called MY Mother & Vice-Versa. At_Last I Called MY Elder_Brother[Living AT Bhubaneswar] & Told Him THAT I M IN General-Bogie Due TO MY Late-Arrival ON THE Platform, He Told Me TO Be Calm & Change THE Compartment IN THE Next-Stop WHICH WAS Kharagpur, I Said Alright!!

Kharagpur Junction

MeanWhile I WAS Still Feeling_Uncomfortable, So I Changed THE Direction OF MY Face & Now I WAS Looking_OutSide & THE Air WAS Really Making Me Feel_Good!!
After Half-An-Hour, I WAS Totally-Active[Means No_More Pain/Problems] BUT Still There WAS A Problem & IT WAS TO “Change THE Bogie/Compartment”.
Well, Nearly_After 2 Hours, THE Train Arrived AT Khargpur-Junction, So I Got_Down FROM Current-Bogie & Again I Started_Running!! Point-To-Be-Noted WAS THAT THE Sleeper-Class WAS AT Other-End OF THE Train & Literally I Reached There & Checked THE Name-Listings; IT WAS Written “Abhishek Barnwa[Missing= ‘l’]”. I Asked TO THE T.T.E. Standing_Nearby & He Said MY Seat IS Inside, So I Went_Inside & Found THAT ITS Empty BUT Soon I WAS Sitting_There, Lol!!

ScreenShot OF MY Online-Ticket

After Some Relaxation, I Put ON MY EarPhones & Selected MY Favorite-PlayList IN MY Tablet WHICH IS IN Critical-Condition[Screen IS Broken, Lol!!] Now & Soon I WAS Lost IN Random-Memories.

BSNL Champion Tab[Non-Calling]

DON’T Know_How BUT I Got TO Know THAT THE Train IS Likely 1_Hour Late, Usually IT Reaches Bhubaneswar AT 9:30 P.M. BUT THAT Day[Night Actually] IT Arrived ON 10:20 P.M. & I Got_Down WITH A Lace-Broken Bag ON MY Shoulder. I Called MY [Big]Brother & He Said “Wait! I m On The Way”. Soon[Nearly 20-25 Minutes] He Came ON His Bike WITH His Office-Staff.


FROM There We Went TO Our Office-Cum-Home Where We HAD Dinner & After Some Casual-Talks We Slept-Well!!

Point-To-Be-Noted: All THE Pictures ARE TO Be Taken As Example/Sample OF THE Situation AT THE Moment
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