And Africa Became Free.

Posted by Ezeugo Nnamdi Lawrence II
February 27, 2017

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Looking at Africa which of course has been a case study in terms of under-development. Poverty, corruption, and all forms of negative stereotypes! One if of insight pauses upon reason and questions the whole labeling and talks from the globe about the people of this part of the world. When we realise that colonialism never ended but was rebranded, that men only were freed of physical chains and not of the mental chains which plays the most role in the continuation of the second phase of the colonial project with great insurance for preservation; only then would we understand that Africa has not yet dealt with parasitism that has but just one purpose yet accepted and embraced it. The various states of Africa has been so divided that instead of her people to unite and foster in growth, it paves routes for exploitations and all other forms of evil upon the people. No African country has constitution that is not influenced, neither is there one whose principality is free from foreign impositions! We often talk about leadership as an issue, it is no doubt; but the fact remains that we have not yet decided to study carefully our problem as it is not the next man who is an issue although he is a potential one owing to the manipulations on ground, we are far from originality and how can we choose to leave that which is the first?! Despite the falsification of history today, there is no civilisation as old as Africa but yet it was termed uncivil and many have grown to believe this. The day Africa achieves originality which is not just by nomenclara but also in spiritism, way of livelihood, traditions, and leadership as she would have learnt from imitations and borrowing, then would she truly be free.
As we know it, every nation is made up of societies and cities which consist of people the majority youths. These societies are established for some good purpose; as an apparent good springs of all human actions. Behavioral and otherwise since we all must co-exist despite the group, or class, or race (as has been the way) we fall under in order to survive in harmony and the obtaining of a safe environment, it is paramount to educate and first develop the mind. A being who is endowed with a mind capable of reflections and forethought attained out of imbibed morality most often is by nature the developed; and such a society comprised of youths as these is said to be a developed entity. This we can argue with regards institutions in the continent and the sustenance of infrastructures (as is the only understood development) established.

Africa must awake, to realization,
Her works must be first of the mind,
In this language she shall triumph,
The key lays in originality, love,
To build, she must be free.

With the rarest objectivity, I have come to identify and logically differentiate the systematic Flux of modernization


which prevails only to suffocate freedom, because as we crave to be modern, so we drift from being civil.

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