Are We Ready For The Wake-Up Call?

Posted by gayatri roy in Video
February 16, 2017


The new Tata Tea ‘Jaago Re’ ad shows the tendency of people as a whole. It portrays the nature and attitude of people towards terrible incidents. The campaign of Tata Tea asks us to ‘wake up’. The new ad can be regarded as a wake-up call to the general masses. It has shown the common scenario in Indian society. The ad has made an attempt to make people conscious of their role, not only after something bad happens, but also encourages one to take the right step or action at the right time. It calls for support, awareness and alertness before other bad things take place.

The ad has covered issues, namely farmer suicides, construction of poor-quality bridges and rapes. Apart from the serious issues which have been mentioned, by watching the ad, one can easily understand another major problem, i.e, negligence on the part of the general masses. Not being alert can lead to various other incidents which people often regret later. But what if we do not take a chance ourselves and regret later for not raising our voice at the right time? What if we take steps beforehand and make sure these violent and ghastly acts do not take place?

The ad has hopefully been successful in making people realise their role and also in giving them courage and motivation to raise their voice and act wisely. There is a good saying. ‘Better late than never’.


Image source: YouTube