Are We To Blame For Bollywood’s Crassness?

Posted by Shiksha Chhabra in Culture-Vulture
February 16, 2017

Bollywood is the sobriquet for the Hindi cinema, and we all have been ardent viewers of it from the past many years. Bollywood has always lived up to our expectations. Earlier, movies were made with an objective to amuse people, teach them some morality with a good story line, make the viewers aware of several social issues and make a profit out of that.

Nowadays, movies have no plot, no integrity but still break box office records and earn an enormous amount of money. Actors have started creating a hype about their movies on a huge scale on various social media platforms through various creative digital media campaigns, influencing people by showing their presence at various colleges and malls when their movies are about to release.

This depicts how Bollywood is degrading and converting itself into a corporate world. Directors are casting only those who are the popular among the public to always be in the limelight. Not only this, the sons and daughters of popular actors always get a chance to receive the stardom in the Hindi cinema due to which new talent is overlooked.

In the recent years, many movies like “Titli”, “Shahid”, “Maasan”, “Lunchbox”, etc. were released and sent to Oscars, but they remained unidentified in Bollywood. I ponder, is Bollywood the next hub for investments?
It is true to say, that Bollywood has become a business these days, but we can not deny the fact that directors never leave a chance to entertain the audience. Sometimes, I feel so petty when I watch movies like “Grand Masti”, “Baar Baar Dekho”, “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” gaining an immense popularity and winning people’s heart.

It makes me wonder what took Bollywood to produce films which are so absurd and ludicrous. After racking up my brain, I inferred that it’s no one but us.

Directors are directing what we, as spectators, want to see and what enthralls us throughout the movie. All Hindi films have clichés in them, and still we pay through our nose to watch the same stuff as many times as we can. Until and unless we are bored with it, Bollywood will remain evergreen and the source of entertainment for all its viewers.