Are you a Virgin?

Posted by Archita Purohit
February 28, 2017

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Wondering where and what we have come down to. Sex, this out of everything that the human civilization has known becomes a judge of the “modernity” quotient and sex has to judge how much you love someone and how much you are ready to go down for them. now don’t get me wrong, I am not being judgemental about people who have had or are into a physical relationship, i am not against it. I totally agree to the physical needs and physical intimacy of a couple, I agree its a vital part of a relationship. Making love is a beautiful thing to do, the act of love making captivates your heart and make the soul free. I agree to that, and also to the fact that couples in love should have physical intimacy.
Now, to all the questions that I don’t agree on. Why is sex a judge of a person’s modern thinking? Like, you are orthodox and narrow minded, if you disagree on having sex. You are kidding me, man? To all those significant others, who puts the argument of “no one is virgin these days” , Dude, what the fuck you are talking about? Go get a life, people, like seriously do it. Not being a virgin, is cool, being a virgin is cool. Lets get it straight people, what is virginity? Biologically speaking, the hymen does get broken through a lot of other things which have nothing to do with sex. Virginity, well according to one school of thought, you lose it the day you admire the opposite sex, with any kind of physical or romantic attraction. Love and sex are in a way related, but they are not synonyms. You can be head over heels in love with your partner and still not want to have sex with them.Love your guy or girl, explore their mind first, trust me the body wouldn’t be that unknown to it. I am not saying only a girl gets the side effect of it, the guys are equally put through this.
Don’t let sex ruin the love you deserve to have. I am not saying that a break up is the only solution for it, if you are facing this crisis in your relationship, go ahead and talk to your partner, tell them that you want to wait. They will listen and choose you. I really pray for you if you are going through such issues in your relationship, I really hope you come out of it, strong and still very much in love. I really hope Love Triumphs All.

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