Are you worried about your penis size? Hear Chaddhaji now!

Posted by Love Matters India
February 6, 2017

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Would you be surprised if you knew that many men in India are misinformed about penis sizes and worry about it all their lives? According to a survey, 54% of men wanted to change the size or shape of their penis. It is clearly evident that men are not so happy with their peekaboo. However, the reality is that size or shape barely matters with it comes to great and pleasurable sex. Does that mean men are simply under confident? Or is it a sign of over expectation?

Discussions around sex and sexual health are not so open in India. It is shameful to discuss them in public, they are hardly facts-based or backed by any science. Most people believe in myths and stereotypes that have plagued the society since generations now. To bust these myths on size of your penis not being proportional to sexual pleasure or satisfaction, watch this episode by Chaddhaji.

In this video, our beloved Chaddhaji addresses all the youngsters on different stereotypical notions around sex and penis. He speaks to all the young boys out there, bubbling with energy to focus on what’s more important and makes sex more enjoyable. He breaks information on what’s a micro-penis and what should be the average length of your penis.

This video is presented by Love Matters.

Love Matters is a digital space that endeavours to make and deliver honest, open and non-judgemental conversations and information about healthy and satisfying relationships to young people. The aim of the project is to make young citizens aware of their reproductive and sexual health and rights and make informed decisions and choices.

To keep up to the pace of disseminating this information in creative ways, Chaddhaji, a retired military office from Delhi will speak to youth every month through his videos. Watch this space for more or follow us on Facebook.

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