A,reminiscent Of 1968 (republican India)

Posted by Arun Tripathi
February 23, 2017

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Rebels of India


In times similar yet different, few are there who always have a stance.they come in mobs, if we want call it a Gang.But One thing is for sure people and the world cannot view things as they were before.As they have already changed it.

last year 9th of february was a day when india witnessed an unusual development,for many an unwanted one.few students of JNU (Jawaharlal nehru University) a prominent educational centre, shouting slogans of Freedom and Dawnlit Revolution,Students Leaders Arrested,criticized on the Nationalistic values,and labeled as Anti-National.

Past one year has been very important as post liberalism wave which is sweeping across the country Now,rise of leadership as that of Narendra Modi has been felt all across the peninsula very strongly,

while “PM” of India has been able to bring many factors,such as Foreign Direct Investments,External Affairs to some what in order many key issues remain directionless and uncertain,especially for the youths,

2016 has seen the bloodiest phase in the history of Kashmiri conflicts,damage caused by pellet Guns are Omnipresent and visible to an extent where its undeniable,and pinching to eyes even in the diaspora of indian democracy. Taking in account of time and generations, that have passed  these phases before us.Situation can be viewed as a generational Revolt,and clashes of Ideologies,more prominently between young and Old traditionalists.

Liberalism of 1990 bought many New concepts to Indian community,Global Norms,if we say being pessimistic became outdated.Denim Jeans wearing ,kids young as 22, Smoking cigarettes with peers and talking about ideas of liberty,freedom,and justice,Alien to regular Newly free Colonial society.

Although its growth was slow due to socio economic conditions,class rigidity,religion,Gender and backgrounds of people where they came from ,it has landed places,According to available statistics youth literacy rate of India is around 90% as of 2015.Instability of social conditions that have crippled india from post colonial period are still quite visible in name of caste,religion,and regional imbalance in recent times.At a time of change and a time which was in social progress early as late 90’s India witness a Phase like never before in its history.

Ramjas College In Delhi University from past two days is a witness to this chaos in practical grounds,where Boys & girls raised slogans of revolution, songs of freedom,on the other hand protest movements such as Jallikattu has shook the nation to grounds,and beliefs

With a amazement of similarity, History has seen many of such movements, be it the activism for Civil Rights or antisemitism

Interesting would be to See How and where Springs of 2016 will move.

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