Aren’t they living beings too?

Posted by Seersha Chaudhuri
February 9, 2017

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  1. Recently, in July 2016 two MBBS students in Chennai- Sudarshan and Ashish Paul were arrested for throwing a dog off a terrace. And not only did they harass the dog mercilessly by flinging it off the terrace, but they had also recorded the video . Later they were granted bail by the court. Do you know how much is the bail charge for cruelty against animals? Rs 50. Yes . That’s it. And you know what was that poor creature’s state after the incident? It was said that it was a miracle that it had survived. That poor being was in a state of shock.

Just because they are not able to speak and express, are they not entitled to the right to live? Where are they at fault that these ruthless ,heartless humans torture them for their own selfish needs?!


Aren’t they living beings?We say all living beings have the right to live. Then why aren’t they ? How is our judicial system being fair to these innocent beings by granting their culprits bail at rs 50?


And worse. How many people around think about their safety? Their lives? A handful.

This was just one incident. Many such numerous incidents take place in our country unfortunately and hardly anyone comes ahead to fight for the injustice that these innocent beings face.

For once, can we be humane enough to save these innocent beings who are not humans?




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