Back Pain Should Not Be Avoided As It Can Lead To Severe Consequences

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February 21, 2017

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When is a spinal MRI recommended in case of constant back pain

Back pain is common these days. This is because of nature of job as well as changes in lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons behind it is posture of body while working, while sleeping or even when you are resting. A habit of sitting in wrong posture can lead to several diseases. One the most common of all diseases these days is back pain.

It sounds common but there are cases when it can lead to severe consequences if not taken care of in the early stage. Back pain can be short term as well as long term. It is not of much concern if the back pain is short term or if the back is easily controllable with some light medication but it should concern you if it is long term and is not controllable  even with high dose pain killers.

When you can constant and long term back pain there are other visible symptoms also related to this. You might be experiencing muscle loss, constant and severe pain in neck, loss of body functions.

Spinal MRI scan for back pain
Spinal MRI scan for back pain

It is recommended to see the doctor ASAP if you are experiencing these symptoms as this can lead to severe diseases if not treat in early stage. It is seen that sometimes even an spinal MRI scan is not able to show the right reasons for back pain and hence doctors don not recommend going for MRI scan when the disease is in early stage.

However when doctor finds these symptoms while examination and also very slow to no response of medication then they recommend spinal MRI scan.

In such cases MRI report can give detailed analysis on the reasons for muscle loss and constant pain.

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