Ban Alchol In Kashmir

Posted by Farhat Wani
February 27, 2017

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Alcohol is not something like water, or air that is required to live on this earth. Drinking spoils not only the individual but also his entire family.I think the only reason alcohol is not banned is business interest, as it is more dangerous than most illegal drugs. Alcohol is behind more than half of all violent crimes committed in our crime-ridden country. Alcohol is a major factor in preventing low class-impoverished people from getting ahead in life. Alcohol abuse is responsible for nearly all cases of domestic abuse and broken families. There is no rastional benefit to alcohol.If killing bovines hurts the sentiments of any community, so does sale and consumption of liquor hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Why should it not be banned in Jammu & Kashmir where Muslims are the majority? It is the obligation of the government to protect the citizens from the ill effects of harmful substances. Alcohol alters the mind of a person which can cause such individual to take actions which they would not take otherwise. It is not about loses inhibitions but extends to dangerous acts which can harm the person and others also moreover It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens including those who behave irresponsibly by consuming harmful substantial like alcohol. Such a ban would help these individuals in making significant contribution towards the society which they could not make if they consume alcohol in large quantities.I wish that PDP government should ban alcohol consumption and consuming alcohol should be treated like a crime just like theft, murder etc. That is the most successful way of protecting our society and hence our State Jammu & Kashmir and path towards common good.

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