Basic human rights or “special needs”?

Posted by Purushottam
February 27, 2017

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We people are so busy bringing change in this virtual world that we don’t see what’s actually happening in the real world. We think backward people are no more ill-treated. We think that we people have become so modern that person on wheelchair or having any kind of disability is no more taboo. But things are totally different when you step out of this virtual world and step in the real one, the world that needs to be changed.


Any person, say it person with disability or without disability, wants proper share in the society. They must be provided basic human rights. But things are different for some of them. Most of the people are deprived of these rights. Talking about people like me (person with disability), we get everything except what we need. People give free ka gyaan, show sympathy but that’s not what we need! We people don’t need fancy names for us, fancy names don’t give us equality in this society that we need. All we need is basic human rights like, access to schools and colleges, fair share in society. We are humans and want to be treated like one, and not some alien or shit.

what do person with disability really needs?


Why the basic human rights are considered ”special needs” for some of us? Is getting access to information any special need? Or getting accessible schools and colleges are? I want to ask if willing to be considered as humans is special need, only because some of us can’t see, have some missing legs and hands or need wheelchair to make their life easier.


Not everyone is same. But we all need basic human rights. A blind or deaf man may need different ways of interpretation but all he wants is his right to information. Person on wheels may need ramp or lifts to attend his classes on first floor but all he needs is right to education. We need to understand that asking for equality is not any special need but basic human right and everyone should get theirs.

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