Be You!

Posted by M. S
February 4, 2017

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You will always be “too short” to someone, “too fat” for someone else, “too boring” for another, Or simply just “too ugly” to “fit in”. But in the end, do we actually have a definition for what a “perfect” person should be or look like?
What others may consider abnormal or different or unlikable, Maybe what makes you the person you are, it’s about accepting that before you move forward.

It is NOT your responsibility to be how others want you to be, But it is a responsibility to yourself to be the best ‘YOU’ that you can be.

“oh my god that colour looks so Gaudy on you!  Take it off! ”

But you love the color that u are wearing,  stop trying to please people,  the key is to carry yourself around with the same confidence in yourself, that you would have of others opinion earlier. No one can stop you from being beautifully you,  they will learn to deal with it, if not they can deal with being without you.

People will judge you,  point out your flaws. DO NOT let this affect your self-esteem,  Being unapologetically YOU is what will act as a tape on the mouths of such people.

In the end you make the choice ,  You can either strut the rampwalk of life like u own it,  or stay backstage, covered ,  due to fear of what people will say about you.

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