Weekly On YKA: How Did You #BeatExamStress?

Posted by Youth Ki Awaaz in Education
February 21, 2017

Exams give us heebee-jeebies, no matter how old we are. It’s probably the worst when we’re in school, our entire lives ahead of us, all dependent on the double digit numbers we manage to achieve during the last few years. Remember having near breakdowns right before an exam out of sheer fear that you weren’t prepared enough to score well?

With high cut-off rates and highly competitive entrance exams, our education system gives utmost importance to marks that put extreme pressure on students who are constantly pushed to get this top college or that lucrative course. In this race to the finish line, learning and education go to the bottom of our priority list. What’s more, this leads to depression among students and at times, suicide.

As we approach year-end exam time, the stress among students and their parents is palpable. Date sheets are being fussed over, timetables and study sessions are being mapped out, syllabi is creating confusion.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all faced the stress and somehow scraped out alive.

So pass on some gyaan with the students preparing for their finals on how you coped with exam stress – the most difficult times you faced and what it did to you, study techniques, or just how our education system needs to get exams right. If you’re a student, tell us what you’re going through. Use #BeatExamStress while sharing your stories.