Bholeynath Ka Prasad

Posted by Siddhant Ghildiyal
February 24, 2017

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“One should simply follow the instructions of the Lord and His empowered servants. Their instructions are all good for us, and any intelligent person will perform them as instructed. However, one should guard against trying to imitate their actions. One should not try to drink the ocean of poison in imitation of Lord Siva.” (Shrimad-Bhagvatam 10.33.30)

Lord Shiva or Shankar or Bholeynath or Mahadev stated as the god of destruction or more precisely the god of transformation.When the “Samudra Manthan” was happening, he drinks the “vish”(poison) from the ocean to save the world. This is the reason of his blue throat and that’s why he is called “Neelkanth”. Mythology says that he consumes cannabis just to cool down his body due to the temperature rise due to poison in his throat.

But now he is popular among youth as the coolest god because he smokes weed. Yes! It is true. Go outside and ask any person who consumes Ganja(Weed) or bhaang(cannabis) about why does he do it? The most common answer is “Bhai hum to Boley ke bhakt hain.” Even though he/she doesn’t know a thing about Mahadev.

This is very nasty that people who doesn’t even know anything regarding about Shiva smoke weed just because he smokes Ganja and describe themselves a “Bhakt” of Mahadev.

So why many people consume it even if they know that smoking weed is dangerous to their health.

The reason behind this is the consumption of this by Naga Babas or Agorhis. We know that those Babas smoke Ganja regularly. But in reality they smoke it helps them to concentrate their mind during doing many Yogic Pratices, to worship god,  which are very difficult to do otherwise. But people find a good reason to support intoxicants because it helps them to bring themselves close to god.

So, they start hiding their bad addiction saying “Ye to bholeynath ka prasad hai”

Another reason for this is songs about Mahadev. Not the bhajans. But the songs like Bholeynath se mila do(Milind Gaba), Bum Bum Bholey (by leo and lil. golu) etc. They get inspired by Bob Marley  songs. They play trance songs and listen all day to songs like these. (I am not disdaining Bob Marley. He was a great musicians.)

I am not saying these kind of songs will be banned. These songs are only for entertainment purposes but people get the other meaning of them.

Although smoking ganja has also many health advantages like in cough related problems and in epilepsy and it is less intoxic than nicotine and alcohol. But it will only work when it is taken under medical prescription. Otherwise on regular basis it is very harmful like sleeplessness, respiratory illness, paranoia and most dangerous addiction etc.

Also a main reason for its popularity is its easy availability.

Narcotic_Drugs_and_Psychotropic_Substances_Act,_1985 consumption of charas, ganja etc. are banned and production of bhaang is under the control of Indian government. But you can find it very easily in your legality.

I don’t have any problems with people who consume intoxicants and I don’t care about their health. I just want to say that please don’t use god for this. You are not a Baba or Aghori and you are not practicing like them.  You are not even 1% of Lord Shiva. He smokes weed to depict that he takes all the goods and bads of people. Just accept the fact that you smoke weed because you want to, not because of Lord Shiva.

“The important thing is not to know why he(Shiva) smokes it. The important thing is to know that he can smokes it, while we can’t.” – S.D. Adhikari (ISCKON)

                                                    “HAR HAR MAHADEV”

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