Blindly Conventional thoughts of our society.

Posted by hokhrda rusma
February 18, 2017

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Whats the hell is going in our society????Why do parents have their daughter’s marriage for the sake of society?Instead of their daughter’s willingness,satisfaction and confirmation.they do marriage either pretend their fortune Expensive dress,accessories and so on.For the reason that grooms would be make their daughters happy.Furthermore,They nervously ask  the demand of groom and groom’s parents as well as try both ends meet to fulfil their desire At their own cost.You know what,Parents  themselves  responsible for all the circumstances.Because they ask first about their demands and always ready to fulfil. Its all one or the same whether we are in 19th or 21st century.Blindly conventional thoughts conjoined with our mind (just like leach who suck the blood on human body).

Yeah…..Parents facilitate better education to their daughters,then what????Instead of this,they did the same as poor or illiterate person did.Why do they waste their money if they couldn’t change their mentality and ideology.I tell you my own story. I am well educated and highly oriented girl.My father had so much curiosity to do his daughters marriage at the right or at the right age.when I entered in graduation,that time my father was looking for groom. Even he found some boys but didn’t find suitable match.Anyhow,I was passed Graduation. One day I told my mother that I was interested in someone First she looked at me then didn’t utter a single word because of stamp a choice of mine.She said everything to my father.He was a  shy person Oooo…SORRY!!..Nope He shy from to talk about this matter to his daughter.But the situation and expression pretend that they were dealy against.

Why(Reason)….Because I had choose to myself,that,definitely he would have been a Luchha ….Lafanga…etc.The matter was on hold for 2 years,After the post graduation they showed they were ready for my marriage.But spontaneously,everything  had changed.My bF’s father died due to heart attack.My parents Backed out to their decision and confirmed another proposal. Both were ready satisfy and happy too.because he belong to aristocrat family.after sometime they did engagement and tied nuptials.

For parents Happiness is where they happy and proudly told about groom in society,make other envious about their approach




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