Brexit: How Britain Sacrificed The Queen To Win

Posted by Devdatt Thengdi in GlobeScope, Politics
February 6, 2017

Any chess master in the world would know about the move called the ‘Queen’s Sacrifice.’ As the name suggests, the player loses his Queen just to attain a strategic advantage over the opponent sometimes, even a checkmate. Great Britain, ironically, did the latter.

Great Britain, a country with a total population of 54 million, with a per capita income of US$50,000, is by far the hungriest of the Golems of the European Union. The Europeans, known for their power-lust since the medieval times, have always looked for more ground to cover until they couldn’t. As Bapu once said, “Jitni lambi chaadar, utne pair pasaar (Spread your feet only till the length of the quilt allows)“, this is the point when they realised that world domination was suited better for the Alexandrian era – and the conclusion of the WW-II brought them to the point of salvation.

The priorities changed and all they did was safeguard their own ‘possessions’. In Britain’s case, it’s widely known as the birth of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain.

The British boarded the EU train on January 1, 1973, along with its remaining minions i.e. the Scotts, the Irish and the Welsh. Based on the given data, their contribution to the EU budget for 2015 was $50 million, which was criticised by the NHS Conservative Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley. This argument set the perfect stage for persuading the masses to Brexit. The only question in the concern, although widely ignored, was the timing. Why now?

We are bought and sold by British gold. Such a parcel of rogues in the Nation”, said Robert the Bruce of Scotland (also played by Mel Gibson in “Braveheart’), when it was apparently claimed that the Scots who put their name on the Act of Union (1707) were bribed. As a result of the first seed sown by Tony Blair during the 1997 Elections, there was an uproar again in March 2013 when the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill was introduced, and a ballot was supposed to be taken where nearly 800,000 Scotts proposed their opinion. But, as Mark Twain has appropriately said, “…if it made any difference, they’d never let us vote.” The ballot resulted in 49% ‘No’ and 51% ‘Yes’, which in layman’s terms, is called ‘unresolved’. The funny part was the age limit set; anyone above 16 years of age could vote which includes, around 400,000 individuals under 18. Rubbing salt into the wound, surprisingly, all of the ruling parties converged to the single decision of not allowing Scotland to use the Pound. This sets back Scotts to The Medieval times, or as John Oliver likes to call it, the times when the Scotts used to deal in sheep and punches.

This was more of a wake-up call for the Westminster Palace. Although Scotland is a small country, its oil reserves have enough potential to probably provide them with highest per capita income. “With our oil reserves, we could be the richest country in the world“, said Former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond. The independence would lead to the addition of certain duties and levies controlled entirely by their bitter neighbours which would leave them in a similar condition as the USA, because of its heavy dependence on Middle-East for fuel. Ironically, they can’t even help them in their ‘struggle’ for independence, as the USA did for Iraq. No pun intended.

So, what did Pablo Escobar do when he realised his bosses, his pet frogs, are jumping too high for their hinds? He cut them, along with his ties to his old bosses. Now, there is no one but him. He calls the shots. They will call the shots. They set a stage. They had a ballot. And this time, while disappointing Scotland and Twain, Brexit was made successful. The Queen has been sacrificed.  The mighty Brits pulled a trick from the mafia Bible, and no one even noticed the shaky leaf.

Although, Mr. Salmond has declared March 26, 2016 as the Scottish Independence Day, it is highly doubtful that such fantasies are going to come true. Or to put it in Thomas Young’s description, “…either way you turn, I will be here. Open up your skull; I will be here.

Image Source : Foreign & Commonwealth Office/Flickr