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Posted by Sid Dik
February 13, 2017

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Now a days world moving with faster rate ,to reach best phase of time. what we call its modernization or revolution in all aspects social, economical. Most important part of this modernization is Youth. But Indian youth are facing issue to choose their Career path. So today I am going to discuss about how to choose career.
In today’s world 1200 professional course exists. But Indian youth are familiar with hardly 10 to 12, mostly Engineering, MBBS or MBA. So my question is why we choose such career. The main reason are
• Lack of awareness about our inner talent.
• Family pressure .
• Social recogniation.
• Economical background
• Money making field.

Family pressure plays a important role for choosing career. All parents are very much concern about their children future. Parents wants their children settle with handsome salary package and moral value. If anyone choose odd field of study then question is what is the scope this particular course. According to me scope lies in yourself , you have to create your own scope ,as world is full of opportunity and possibility. Only main thing have to work hard with your passion .

List of consequences of choosing wrong career:
• Suicide.
• Dropout.
• Less performance than expection .
• Loose confidence.
• Don’t have purpose of life.
• Life without joy and thrill.

Best way to choose career:
• Spend sometime with yourself.
• Know your strength and weakness.
• Find your inborn talent.
• Do not let others make decision for you.
• Do not think about money and salary angle.
• Speak to people in diffrents fields.
• Do plenty of research online.
• Don’t afraid to try something new and challenging.
• Choose career based on your personality.

So my suggestion is think,think,think…before choose. Write down all aspects,consequences,positive, negative ……….Best of luck have a nice future

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